Summer Wrap-Up

It’s hard to believe that there is only one week left in our summer programs. The summer has been full of kick ball, singing, Bible stories, block parties, games, and lots of FUN! Hear from some of our summer missionaries about what they’ve learned this summer and some memories that will stick with them.


One of the most memorable experiences that I will take from this summer is meeting a family of four at one of the block parties - a single mom with three children. While at the block party, I invited the kids to Summer Hope the next day. When I went to their home to pick up the kids for Summer Hope, I noticed they did not have a couch in their living room. That afternoon, some of us were able to deliver a couch to them, and I had the opportunity to pray over the family. They have started coming to church with me on Sundays. I cannot wait to see how the Lord works through this new friendship with this family.

- Marilaine Granberry, Dothan, AL


This summer doing SD Allen has been a life changing experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Tuscaloosa through the camps we ran throughout the summer. It was amazing to see the growth that took place not only in the families we encountered but for within myself. This has truly been a summer I will never forget.

- Will Turley, Oxford, AL


This summer, I have been challenged to love others with patience and grace, the way the Lord loves all of us. I’ve spent my days with kids, college students, and adults of all ages. With each encounter, day at Brown House, or meal with a family, the Lord reveals pieces of Himself to me and reminds me of His goodness. I’m thankful for the hearts I’ve met and learned from this summer. I’ll cherish the stories I’ve heard and relationships the Lord has shaped forever.

- Katie Holcomb, Hackleburg, AL